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Philips Zenition 70 Mobile C-arm with Flat Detector

Experience exceptional imaging clarity and flexibility for performing a wide variety of cases with our fourth generation Flat Detector systems. Part of the Zenition mobile C-arm family – a series of harmonized mobile C-arm that offers proven ease of use and future-fit capabilities.

Increase OR efficiency
Time is of the essence for surgical imaging. In a user study¹ the touch control and navigational aids of Unify workflow reduced miscommunication by almost half, while Position Memory reduced (re)positioning time by 20%.

Simplify fleet use across ORs
Operators at all experience levels can easily use the Zenition 70 and other Zenition systems, thanks to an intuitive point and shoot design and on-screen guidance. The Zenition user interface is so easy, it scored in the top 12% for best system usability.

Reduce total cost of ownership
Extend your system’s clinical performance with the standard Windows® platform ready to incorporate new innovations and software upgrades.

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