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Philips Azurion 5 C12 Image-guided Therapy System

Elevate your interventional cardiology capabilities with the Azurion 5 with 12” flat detector. This high performance image guided therapy solution allows interventional teams to perform challenging cardiac interventions. Seamlessly control all relevant applications at table side for a consistent user experience, excellent lab performance and patient care.

Full control at table side
You can control all relevant applications, such as our physiology and imaging platform IntraSight, Philips Interventional Hemodynamic system and interventional tools, via the central touch screen module at table side. This supports clinical decision making in the exam room, and helps reduce the need for sterility breaks. This can save time and help avoid delays.

Clinical demands are getting more specific. So are we.
Our clinical suites are tailored to meet your specific challenges, while offering you the flexibility to carry out procedures in the easiest, most efficient way. We have a flexible portfolio of integrated technologies and services to support a wide variety of interventional procedures.

Deepen insight of coronaries
The 12” flat detector provides high-resolution imaging over a large field of view (FOV). You can visualize the aortic valve and a significant portion of the aortic arch or the entire coronary tree in a single view. Thanks to the compact design, a full range of projection angles can be made.

Standardize set-up and operation
The system uses ProcedureCards to simplify and standardize system set-up for multiple cases, from routine to mixed procedures. For example, the system automatically selects the relevant ProcedureCard(s) based on the RIS/HIS/CIS code of the scheduled procedure. Presets (e.g. most-frequently used, default protocols and user-specified settings) facilitates you in increasing exam consistency.

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