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Philips SyncVision Precision Guidance System

The SyncVision precision guidance system is suitable with IntraSight and Core Integrated interventional platforms and streamlines lesion assessment, simplifies vessel sizing and enables precise therapy delivery all while integrating seamlessly in daily workflows in interventional suites of choice.

Angio+ vessel enhancement
The SyncVision Angio+ vessel enhancement tool provides clarity in visualizing vessels, which may include tortuous or overlapping vessels and highly stenosed lesions, potentially reducing the number of required views during diagnosis or therapy.

iFR Co-registration
With iFR Co-registration there is no need for hyperemic drugs, no need for time consuming pullback devices and no need for guesswork. Make length measurements without a cumbersome pullback device. Plan your procedure with physiologic guidance.

Quantitative coronary analysis
The SyncVision Angio+ quantitative coronary analysis automatically calculates lumen dimensions and stenosis in real time.

SyncVision IVUS Co-registration localization
The SyncVision IVUS Co-registration application co-registers the location of the IVUS image on the angiogram and provides easy length and area measurements with a manual IVUS pullback.

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