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AliveCor KardiaMobile Card Single-lead Personal EKG

Arrhythmias don’t wait for the doctor’s office, so we created a portable, durable personal EKG that goes anywhere you go. KardiaMobile Card is as thin and light as a credit card, fits perfectly in your wallet, and records an accurate, medical-grade EKG in seconds. KardiaMobile Card also includes an exclusive KardiaCare membership, so you can better manage and understand your heart health on the go.

Thin and light as a credit card. KardiaMobile Card is the size and weight of a standard credit card, so you can store it in your wallet and have it on you at all times.

Bluetooth enabled. KardiaMobile Card uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone and record medical-grade EKGs. No WiFi required, so you can record your EKG from anywhere.

Six arrhythmia detections. Accurately detect AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, PVCs, Sinus Rhythm with SVE, and Sinus Rhythm with Wide QRS. That’s more detections than any other personal EKG.

Data you can trust. Kardia technology is clinically validated, FDA-cleared, and recommended by doctors worldwide.

Durability you can rely on. KardiaMobile Card has been tested to withstand wear and tear. We’ve made sure to water test, temperature test, and sit test so you can use KardiaMobile Card anywhere without worry.

Includes device and KardiaCare membership. You’ll get KardiaMobile Card plus a KardiaCare membership all in one, which gives you enhanced EKG analysis and further information about your heart health.

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