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Philips Avalon FM20 Fetal Monitor

Avalon FM fetal and maternal monitors are Philips’ first and only to offer automated coincidence detection (cross-channel verification) using Smart Pulse, measuring fetal & maternal heart rates separately to enhance diagnostic confidence.

Reliability features allow uninterrupted operation
With the Avalon FM series, you have the confidence of an uninterrupted flow of information. The optional battery allows stable monitoring during maternal transport in healthcare facilities. It also features a backup memory and LAN interface, combined with smart transducers and a color touchscreen.

Smart Pulse for automated coincidence detection
Smart Pulse provides cross-channel verification. It continuously compares all fetal and maternal heart rates to enhance confidence that each is measured separately.

IntelliSpace Perinatal connectivity for continuous care
The Avalon FM20 fetal monitor connects to IntelliSpace Perinatal, Philips obstetrical surveillance and information management system. This supports the continuum of care from the first antepartum visit to delivery, postpartum, and newborn nursery, discharge and postpartum follow-up visits.

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