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Philips Avalon FM50 Fetal Monitor

Avalon FM series fetal and maternal monitors are Philips first and only to offer automated coincidence detection (cross-channel verification) using Smart Pulse to measure fetal & maternal heart rates separately, enhancing diagnostic confidence.

Large, intuitive color display clearly shows status
The luminous color display has large numerics and graphs so you can easily view maternal and fetal ECG waves.

Triplet monitoring option expands capabilities
Only the Avalon FM series can monitor triplets on a single monitor using the same ultrasound frequency. This allows one monitor to be used for a wide range of clinical needs.

Smart transducers to simplify operation
The smart transducers have auto-recognition and “Finder LED” that automatically see which transducer is plugged in. When the transducer is plugged in, the screen layout automatically displays data in the correct format. This simplifies operation for caregivers.

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