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i-SENS CareSens PRO Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Thank you for choosing the CareSens PRO Blood Glucose Monitoring System. The system provides you with safe, fast, and convenient blood glucose in vitro (i.e., outside the body) diagnostic monitoring. You can obtain accurate results in just 5 seconds with a small (0.4 μL) blood sample.

Features & Benefits:

GDH-FAD based test strips for fresh capillary, venous, neonatal and arterial whole blood samples

Complies with international standard ISO 15197:2013(EN ISO 15197:2015)

Accurate results in 5 seconds with 0.4 μL sample size

No oxygen interference

2.5″ auto back-lighted LCD

Strip ejection button

Hypoglycemia indicator

Strip expiration date indicator
4 alarms (PP2* and 3 time-set alarms) *2 hours after meal

1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90-day test averages

Pre-meal, Post-meal, Fasting, No-mark flagging

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