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i-SENS CareSens Dual Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Thank you for choosing the CareSen Dual Blood Glucose/Blood β-Ketone Monitoring System. The system provides you with rapid and convenient blood glucose/blood β-Ketone in vitro (i.e., outside the body) diagnostic monitoring. Test results can be sent to a smartphone through Bluetooth wireless connection.

Features & Benefits:

Blood glucose & 𝛽-ketone measurement

GDH-FAD based test strips for fresh capillary, venous, neonatal and arterial whole blood samples

Easy data transfer by Bluetooth wireless communication

2.5″ auto back-lighted LCD

Strip ejection button

Hypoglycaemia/Hyperglycemia indicator

Strip expiration date indicator

Ketone test alarm

4 alarms (PP2* and 3 time-set alarms) *2 hours after meal

1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90-day test averages

Pre-meal, Post-meal, Fasting, No-mark flagging

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