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OMAX G322B Binocular Stereo Microscope with Dual LED Lights

This is a premium quality dual LED light stereo microscope with 20x, 40x, 80x maginifications. It is built by top quality glass and metal. This binocualr stereo microscope provides you with both long working distance and crystal clear images. The wide filed eyepieces with rubber eyeshields will bring you not only large field of view, but also comfort for continous operating. The dual illumination system will allow you to use both bottom transmitted lighting (eg. for diamond,slides) and top incident lighting (eg. for circuit boards, coins, stamps). These bright LED lights will last for over 100,000 hours. This microscope is widely used by many jewelry dealers, gemologists, and collectors.


Plug and see, no special knowledge needed
High quality optical glass elements
Three magnification levels: 20x, 40x & 80x
45┬░inclined 360┬░rotatable binocular head
Dual LED lights (upper and lower)
LED light lifetime: 100,000 hours
Long working distance
Sharp stereo erect images over a wide field view
Diopter adjustment on left ocular-tube
Adjustable inter-pupillary distance
90┬░rotational objective
Locked-in eyepieces
Tool-free focus knob tension adjustment
Metal stand and framework
Product GS and CE approved
Manufacturer in business 30+ years

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