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Flaem Duo FJ58P00

2-in-1 nebulizer system for the complete treatment of upper and lower respiratory tracts. Thanks to the RF7 Dual Speed Nebulizer, Flaem Duo provides a comfortable and efficient medication deposition in the lungs, to treat diseases such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis and asthma. Combined with the included nasal wash Rhino Clear, Flaem Duo cleans the nasal cavity and helps to relieve symptoms of conditions such as common cold, allergic rhinitis or sinusitis.

Rhino Clear Nasal Wash
– Rhino Clear nebulizes 10 ml solution in about 2 minutes
– Equipped with a nebulization chamber fillable with max 15 ml of solution
– Can be used with saline solutions (isotonic, hypertonic, liposome solutions, etc.), thermal waters or medications commonly available in pharmacies

Why Choose?
– Made in Italy
– “RF7 Dual Speed” Nebulizer
– Soft-touch Adult and Child masks included
– Rhino Clear nasal wash
– High quality air filter
– Cable storage compartment
– Silent
– Travel bag

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