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Eargo 5 Hearing Aid

The Eargo 5 system includes two medical-grade, FDA Class II exempt hearing devices with a VARTA lithium-ion rechargeable battery and contactless charging and storage case.

Our contactless design and improved battery life make it easy to recharge your devices on the go.

Our Closed Petals maximize amplification across the sound range for a bold, rich listening experience. Your device comes with petals in two sizes to help you find the best fit.

Our Open Petals lend a high frequency emphasis to amplification, a good choice for users with near-normal low frequency hearing. Our petals were designed for easier replacement and maintenance. They snap off and onto the device with a satisfying click.

Better Hearing Empowered by VARTA – Our lithium-ion powered microbattery by VARTA brings 16 hours of runtime in an incredibly small package.

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