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Alcedo Pulse Oximeter AE174

Alcedo’s Fingertip Pulse Oximeter provides a simple, fast, and reliable way to measure oxygen saturation level (SpO2) as well as pulse (heart rate).

Reliable, quick, and accurate measurement of oxygen saturation level (SpO2) as well as pulse (heart rate)

Display features multiple data to assure the reliability of your reading:
– Oxygen level percentage
– Pulse rate and pulse bar
– Plethysmograph Wave, a visual representation of your pulse rate and heartbeat
– Perfusion Index that shows the percentage of your pulse strength

Ability to set upper and lower ranges and limits with alert warnings

Self-illuminating, wide angle OLED display with adjustable brightness for easy screen readability

Compact and lightweight design

One-button operation

Automatic power-off

Completely portable for use on-the-go anytime and anywhere

Battery operated with battery life indicator

Guaranteed satisfaction with one-year warranty

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