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Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter

The Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter packs many powerful features into a smaller size than the previous version. See test result averages up to 90 days, get alerts if your test strips are expired or if you’ve underdosed, re-dose within 10 seconds, set pre-and post-meal reminders to test, and more.

Benefits and Features:

Just two buttons are used to operate the meter, for intuitive handling.

Large and easy-to-read display.

In- or out-of-meter for simple and comfortable testing.

Safety features include underdosing alerts, re-dose option in 10 seconds, and test strip expiration warnings.

The visual double check lets you see your recent test result.

Post-meal alert reminds you to test 2 hours after eating.

Pre-meal and post-meal markers are available.

500 test results are stored in memory.

See averages of all blood test results over 7, 14, 30 and 90 days.

Fulfills 100 % of the accuracy requirements of DIN EN ISO 15197:2003.1

Date and time are preset for faster setup.

Changing the battery doesn’t mean losing the date and time settings.

Transfer data from the meter to your PC using a USB cable. You will need an Accu-Chek diabetes management solution on the PC to analyze the data.

30 % smaller than previous Accu-Chek Active meters with a 10 % bigger display.

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