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Withings BPM Connect Blood Pressure Monitor

BPM Connect was developed with the help of leading cardiologists and has been thoroughly tested against several reference devices to ensure best-in-class blood pressure accuracy.

Easy to operate – After downloading the Withings app, you just have to push the only button of your device to pair it—once for good. Once paired, just press the button to take a measurement.

Easy to understand – Unlike most blood pressure monitor screens that are overloaded with information, BPM Connect displays readings with large and simply-lit LED lights. Color-coded indicators also make it easy to understand blood pressure numbers.

Easy to pack – This smart blood pressure monitor consists of only one piece, and its soft cuff allows for quick and effortless transport.

Easy to love – Designed in Paris, the device is modern and minimalist, and made of premium soft fabric to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable measurements when inflated.

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