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Transcend 365 miniCPAP Machine

Introducing the Transcend 365 miniCPAP, a breakthrough in CPAP innovation. This powerhouse CPAP machine does it all — 365 days per year. It offers the advanced technology of a standard CPAP device, in a compact, easily portable design that doesn’t compromise on performance or quality. A range of comfort features, including patented smart CFV humidifier technology, quiet operation, and auto-adjusting pressure, make it easy to stay committed to your sleep apnea therapy year-round.

As the first and only fully integrated portable CPAP and heated humidifier system that can operate on battery power (using Smart Power technology), the Transcend 365 helps you to breathe comfortably through the night, every single night. In fact, the entire unit – CPAP device & heated humidifier – can be powered by a single, travel-sized battery.

There’s CPAP technology, and then there’s smart CPAP technology from Transcend 365.

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