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Tomlov G1200 Video Microscope

Newly Designed For Adults And Young – With built-in 12MP ultra precise camera and 7 inch 1080P display, this digital microscope is capable of magnifying great details and producing crisp clear images and videos. Well suited for varieties of different applications: micro soldering, coin examining, electronics repairing, bugs inspecting, etc.(Not for cells and bacteria)

Easy to zoom in and out and to focus as you go. Rotate the focus knob and obtain incredible details under continuous magnification range from 50 to 1200 times. Offers extra 1 to 4 times magnification to see even larger detail

Save Photos And Videos – Equipped a SD card slot(32GB memory card included, supports 128GB at most), this LCD digital microscope is capable of snapping ultra clear images and recording high quality videos of what you see. Has almost zero lag when projecting the image

Hook Up To PC For Larger View – Compatible with Windows PC and iMac/MacBook, this video microscope is an ideal instrument to view object details on your PC, where you can analyze and share good quality images and videos created by the microscope. The default APPs “Windows Camera” and Mac “Photo Booth” will be needed during Microscope-PC view

Large Capacity Battery – The built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery offers up to 4 hours working time, this microscope also supports power bank charging

Better details with microscope located at the bottom of the holder and larger views on the top thanks to the adjustable holder. You can also adjust the display’s angle to suit your needs, which improves ergonomics and eliminates eye and neck strain

Solid Built And Flexible Microscope – Utilizing aluminum alloy to build the base, stand and holder, this LCD microscope offers a long term use and allows doing micro soldering or repairing printed circuit board

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