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Philips V60 Plus Ventilator

Philips V60 Plus ventilator leverages our noninvasive (NIV) capabilities by offering two therapy options in one device, integrating both NIV and high flow therapy (HFT). V60 Plus enhances workflow and patient care efficiency by enabling clinicians to easily, readily and rapidly adjust therapies around changing patient conditions without switching devices.

Quick transition between NIV and HFT
With the combination of NIV and HFT modes on one device, the V60 Plus is essential in supporting rapid weaning. And because it is an all-in-one device, you can streamline your equipment and consumables inventory.

Advanced NIV with Auto-Trak technology
By providing auto-adaptive leak compensation, inspiratory triggering, and expiratory cycling, Auto-Trak delivers optimal synchrony in the face of dynamic leak and changing patient demand. Noninvasive ventilation modes and options include: S/T, AVAPS, PCV, CPAP with C-Flex, PPV and Auto-Trak Plus.

Save time with automatic mask calibration
Pre-defined settings for Philips hospital masks help you save time when initiating treatment. You select the setting, and the V60 Plus automatically calibrates flow characteristics for better monitoring and therapy.

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