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Philips Incisive CT Computed Tomography Scanner

Incisive CT helps you meet some of your organization’s most pressing challenges and supports your mobile imaging/screening initiatives. Philips Incisive CT offers intellect at every step, from acquisition through results, and across all fronts: financial, clinical and operational. Like never before, operator and design efficiencies come together for wise decisions from start to finish with an unprecedented Tube for Life guarantee¹.

Tube for Life guarantee
Our Tube for Life guarantee¹ is an unprecedented approach that can help lower operating costs by an estimated $420,000². We believe so strongly in the reliability of the vMRC tube that we’ll replace it if necessary over the life of the system¹ at no cost to you.

Elevates your business
What if you no longer had to worry about tube costs in your day-to-day operating budget? What if you knew your CT system always had up-to-date technology and was upgradeable to grow with you? We’re bringing new ways to help you stay competitive in your market, managing operational costs while you work to optimize patient care.

Technology Maximizer
With Technology Maximizer, you can stay clinically advanced, while maximizing your imaging investment. Stay protected from obsolescence, and be first to market with innovations and avoid repeated capital investments over system lifecycle with planned operational budget.

OnPlan patient-side gantry controls
Minimize time spent away from the patient with new OnPlan patient-side gantry controls. Do more directly from the scanner, such as setup and pre-scan adjustments. Enable inter-operator consistency and reduce time to results by 19% with adaptive intelligence at every step of the exam.

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