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Philips DigitalDiagnost C90

The system allows you to comfortably see more patients per day and shorten patient wait times by decreasing the time to diagnosis with innovative tools that help drive workflow efficiency. DigitalDiagnost C90’s live tube head camera, versatile room configurations, and exam automation technologies all help assure outstanding patient throughput.

Economic value
DigitalDiagnost offers you the flexibility to tailor a configuration to match your facility’s particular financial and clinical needs. DigitalDiagnost C90 offers multiple detector options and features, such as SkyPlate detector sharing. Use a single detector across multiple compatible Philips DR rooms. This will add to the economic value of your Philips solutions.

Diagnostic confidence
Philips UNIQUE 2 image processing uses next generation image processing software to provide superb images of all anatomical areas. UNIQUE 2 image processing delivers fast, outstanding digital images. It significantly improves image quality like more homogeneous black backgrounds, reduced noise, and automatic enhancement of small details.

Intuitive workflow
Philips Eleva user interface offers technologists and radiologists the opportunity to personalize user settings to allow a smooth, patient-focused workflow with customizable presets and automation for excellent efficiency. The touch monitor allows technologists to work fast and with a minimum number of clicks.

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