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Philips DigitalDiagnost C50 Ceiling Mounted Digital X-Ray System

Boost your diagnostic confidence. This quality based ceiling mounted digital X-ray system with a fixed or wireless detector, motorized auto-tracking, a fully digital workflow, and UNIQUE 2 image processing, delivers diagnostic quality images for fast, efficient exams.

Extended clinical capability
DigitalDiagnost C50 offers the versatility necessary to address a broad range of clinical applications in a cost-effective manner. Smooth operation, the latest generation CSI wireless/fixed detectors, and cutting-edge post-processing features help assure comprehensive performance.

Ease of operation
The ceiling suspended X-ray tube moves smoothly and manually into position. The vertical stand detector slides up/down and tilts a full 900 for easy horizontal exams. With vertical auto-tracking the motorized tube automatically follows the detector.

Diagnostic confidence
Philips UNIQUE 2 image processing uses next generation image processing software to provide superb images of all anatomical areas. UNIQUE 2 image processing delivers fast, outstanding digital images. It significantly improves image quality like more homogeneous black backgrounds, reduced noise, and automatic enhancement of small details.

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