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Philips CombiDiagnost R90 Cross Functional DRF System

CombiDiagnost R90 is a remote controlled fluoroscopy system in combination with high-end digital radiography, designed to improve room utilization in a cost effective manner. A fully digital workflow, UNIQUE image quality and excellent dose management make the versatile system suitable for a wide range of examinations from pediatric to bariatric imaging.

Stitching – Full leg and full spine imaging
The optional automatic image stitching software allows to acquire long-length images. Image acquisition is possible on the table in every position from horizontal to upright and at the vertical stand. The algorithm works fully automatically. A set of smart accessories provides excellent patient comfort and superb image quality.

Digital Subtraction Angiography – High quality vessel imaging
With Philips Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), blood vessels can be visiualized at UNIQUE image quality. Automatic examination pre-sets support a smooth and efficient workflow in angiography examinations.

SkyFlow Plus – Grid-like contrast for free rad examinations
SkyFlow Plus is the industry’s first scatter radiation correction algorithm for portable X-rays. When doing DR exams without a grid, Philips SkyFlow Plus produces images with grid-like contrast. The software reduces the effect of scattered radiation for non-grid free exposures.

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