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Philips Big Bore RT Computed Tomography Scanner

Big Bore RT is designed as a CT simulator to enhance clinical confidence, accelerate time to treat and maximize value of its investment without compromising on patient experience – four dimensions that are essential towards excellent care.

Focusing on what matters in radiation oncology
Big Bore RT offers advanced tools to facilitate accurate efficient patient marking and simulation workflow. Featuring 60 cm true scan FOV for full anatomic visualization. It provides spatial positioning accuracy of less than 2mm between the imaging plane and the laser marking plane for confidence in patient marking. This meets the AAPM TG 66.

Where imaging and treatment planning meet
While excellent image quality is the foundation for accurate contouring and treatment plans, radiation oncology demands more. The Big Bore RT offers superb imaging and simulation solutions that integrate with your department workflow for the accuracy and efficiency cancer care requires.

Accelerate time to treatment
Efficiently move from scan to plan with virtual simulation and patient marking integrated at the scanner. The Philips TumorLOC application offers an accurate and efficient workflow for patient marking and virtual simulation directly from the scanner console. Tools assist with isocenter localization, generating maximum, minimum and average intensity projections, contouring target volumes and critical structures, beam placement, and machine characterizations for routine and respiratory-correlated studies.

Enhance accuracy in treatment planning and therapy delivery
Through low-contrast resolution, lower dose/higher image quality, and virtually noise-free* images, iterative model reconstruction (IMR) technology delivers visualization of fine detail and improved clinical accuracy in the detection and delineation of small, subtle structures. IMR improves image quality and advances ‘autosegmentation’. Less manual intervention means fast contouring and short time to treatment.

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