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Magic Care Pulsartronic SFG60 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Highly accurate arm sphygmomanometer clinically validated

Large display for easy reading

Indicator of irregular heartbeat

WHO blood pressure classification indicator

60 memories

Soft anti-scratch case

Before every measurement, the unit establishes a “zero pressure” equivalent to the air pressure.

Then it starts inflating the arm cuff, meanwhile, the unit detects pressure oscillations generated by beat-to-beat pulsatile, which is used to determine the systolic and diastolic pressure, and also pulse rate.

The device also compares the longest and the shortest time intervals of detected pulse waves to mean time interval then calculates standard deviation. The device will displays a warning signal with the reading to indicate the detection of irregular heartbeat when the difference of the time intervals is over 25%.
– Pressure measurement zone: 0 ̴ 300 mmHg
– Pulse measurement zone: 40 ̴ 199 beats/min
– Memories: 60 (one channel)
– Deflation valve: automatic

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