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Magic Care DR11P00 Nasal Wash

NASAL WASH has been specifically designed for the daily cleansing of the nasal cavity for adults and children, both with saline solution or spring water. The nasal wash is portable and does not need to be plugged in to be used.

NASAL WASH cleanses the nasal cavity, collecting the rinsing solution in a dedicated compartment in the nasal wash bottle. It can be used with saline solutions and spring water. The ergonomically designed spray compressor body provides a comfortable grip and a button that’s easy to use. There’s also an air intake that reduces the noise it makes. The upper part of the body houses two adjacent chambers, one for the wash solution and the other to collect the used rinse liquid. Three different sizes of nasal adapters are available to suit the size of the nostrils, which are inserted into the top of the bottle.

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