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FaceLake FL420 Pulse Oximeter

The FaceLake FL420 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter provides an accurate method for quickly checking pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels. The FL420 is able to take a swift measurement reading from any finger. Test blood oxygen levels and pulse rate in under 10 seconds!

The FaceLake FL420 blood oxygen monitor with alarm features a custom threshold monitoring system for alerting the user to measurement readings which are outside of the user’s set limits. When enabled, the pulse oximeter speaker emits a beeping sound if a measurement is detected outside the user’s range setting. Alarm preferences are saved in the device’s memory.

The large LCD screen clearly displays the user’s body activity information. Taking a reading with this FaceLake pulse oximeter is simple and efficient. The pulse oximeter is clipped onto the user’s finger and operated with a single button. The SpO2/pulse rate sensor takes an accurate measurement of blood oxygen levels and pulse rate within ±2%/±2bpm.

This compact device can be carried in a pocket, backpack, or other small space. The included lanyard allows the user to wear the device around their neck for use while hiking or training. This device includes two AAA batteries, and is ready to use right out of the package. This item is suitable for use at home or while traveling.

This machine is not intended for medical use. The FL420 is recommended for sports and aviation activities such as mountain climbing, biking, or piloting through high elevation areas. The FL420 meets all criteria of CE and FDA standards for pulse oximeters. The FaceLake FL420 Pulse Oximeter is a painless solution for monitoring health activity in the body.

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