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FaceLake FL400 Pulse Oximeter

The Facelake FL400 fingertip pulse oximeter is a lightweight, compact device used for measuring both pulse rate and SpO2 levels. The user can place any of their fingers inside the antimicrobial vinyl sensor for an instant vital measurement reading. After a single press of the device’s primary button, the oximeter displays results on its large digital LED display.

This monitor checks oxygen saturation and pulse rate activity in the blood with a single measurement test. The FL400’s padded finger chamber universally accommodates different finger shapes and sizes. This sensor provides an accurate measurement that is comfortable for any user. User-friendly features such as an auto shut-down function, low battery indicator, and a heart rate bar graph are built-in to the device.

One set of two AAA batteries powers the oxygen meter for up to 30 hours of monitoring. The FL400 was designed for use by pilots and sports enthusiasts. The battery-powered FL400 is suitable for use at home or while traveling. This device can be carried in a pocket, backpack, or other small space. The included lanyard allows the user to wear the device around their neck for use while hiking or training.

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