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FaceLake FL350 Pulse Oximeter

The Facelake FL350 Yellow Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a compact device for measuring pulse rate and blood oxygen levels. The oximeter’s antimicrobial silicone sensor universally accommodates different finger sizes for a vital measurement reading from any finger. Results update on the meter’s bright OLED screen in under 10 seconds.

This portable oximeter precisely tests SpO2 and pulse rate with one press of the device’s primary button. User-friendly features such as an automatic shut-down function and a real-time heart rate graph aid the user’s monitoring routine. We stand by our products with excellent customer service and a one-year money back guarantee.

INDIVIDUALLY TESTED FOR ACCURACY: Each device undergoes rigorous testing and is approved for use by the FDA.

QUICK READINGS: Incredibly easy to use. Simply turn on the device, place your finger in the finger chamber, and have your pulse rate and SpO2 instantly displayed.

OUT-OF-BOX READY: Includes two free AAA batteries, portable carrying case, convenient lanyard, and illustrated instruction manual.

ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: We stand behind our products with excellent customer service and an industry leading two-year guarantee.

You Get: The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Carrying Case, Neck/Wrist Cord, User Manual, 2-AAA Batteries, plus our no-hassle 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee, and our One-Year 100% Full Manufacturer’s Warranty that is managed by our friendly customer service care center in the US.

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