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Eargo Max Hearing Aid

Life takes you to some extraordinary places. Eargo Max makes sure you don’t miss a moment. Advanced sound quality and noise reduction for more gain and volume ensures you live your life uninterrupted.

Our Flexi Fibers are made of super soft, super comfortable medical grade silicone. They’re the hug your ears never knew they needed.

Traditional hearing aids are stuck in the Stone Age, many featuring hard plastic devices that completely plug your ear. We ditched the plastic in favor of silicone and a design that allows air to flow into your ear canal. It’s refreshing. It’s soft. And it’s decidedly 21st century.

Flexi Fibers allow natural low frequencies to pass into your eardrum. That key assist lets your Eargos concentrate on amplifying mid and high frequencies, giving your ears a nice mix of ambient and amplified sounds.

Eargo devices have four different sound profiles. Simply double tap on your ear to switch between them, and when you find one you like, Eargo will remember your selection. Because you have enough to remember.

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