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CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator MN250

Expand your comfort zone with this innovative and powerful device. With smart oxygen delivery, unmatched comfort and a durable design, you can experience a new standard in portable oxygen. The FreeStyle Comfort’s lightweight, curved design hugs your body, so you’ll hardly know it’s there. It has the power to let you stay out all day long with greater flexibility to increase flow rates as your prescription changes. Patented smart oxygen delivery features ensure you get the oxygen you need, when you need it, keeping you comfortable and worry-free by adjusting to your automatically breathing patterns and level of activity.

The air we breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other gasses. In the FreeStyle Comfort, room air is drawn into the machine through the air intakes. It then passes through an adsorbent material called molecular sieve. This material separates the oxygen from the nitrogen and allows only the oxygen to pass through. The result is a flow of high-concentration oxygen delivered to the user.

The FreeStyle Comfort combines advanced oxygen concentrator and oxygen conserving technologies to create a portable device that allows for maximum portability and ambulation. The advanced pulse flow delivery quickly senses when the user breathes in and delivers a pulse of oxygen at the beginning of each inhalation. Pulse flow delivery is ideal for activities and time away from home. It conserves oxygen and extends battery life as opposed to continuous flow. The FreeStyle Comfort is lightweight enough to be carried via shoulder strap. It can be operated on AC (wall), DC (vehicle) or battery power.

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