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3B Medical Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Aer x 5 liter constant pulse POC works with your breathing needs. Aer X uses Active X technology to keep you oxygenated when you need it most. Unique in it’s class, the Aer X is unobtrusive, and made in the USA.

Modern Design
The Aer X portable oxygen concentrator by 3B Medical brings modern design and a smaller footprint for patients on the go.

Easy Change Sieve Cartridge
More than just good looks. With it’s easy slide and snap function, maintenance is a breeze!

Features & Controls
Features easy-press buttons to control your Aer X Device, indicator lights, a full-color LCD screen and magnetic cannula port for safety.

Lithium Ion Batteries
The battery will power the 3B Aer X without connection to an external power source. When fully charged, a single battery will provide approximately 4 hours of operation at a setting of 2.

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